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Here is my other online store mostly with vintage and old bearded axes- is my other web store.

I'm selling mostly old bearded axes...


Most of the old axes in my shop are manufactured by
"CA Sickle and Hammer".
One of the oldest and largest manufacturer of hot forged parts in Bulgaria, founded in 1900.
The company manufactures a wide range of weight from 0.300 kg to 25 kg which are widely used in various fields such as energy, engineering, transport, agriculture, hydraulics, mining and manufacture of material handling and construction equipment.
In 1900, registered private company "M.D.Karadzhov and Co.", Machine factory and Foundry in 1931 and forward.
It was transformed into "Valkar partnership".

The main activity of the company includes the production of numerous forged products, mainly agricultural and other tools.
At that time the equipment of "SD Valkar" includes forging press "Omayko", German production and vapor-hammer "Massey" 350 kg.
The factory produces a wide range of agricultural implements: axes, shovels, hoes, adzes and others. "SD Valkar" was nationalized in 1947.

During 1950. - 1952. It has built a new production building and installed new production equipment. The area of ??production premises increased to 5854 square meters The enterprise was renamed "CA Sickle and Hammer".
The main reconstruction and renovation of the company took place in the early 70s. A new production site in the industrial zone of Stara Zagora are built large forging and pressing shop and a modern administrative building, as well as additional equipment and infrastructure.
On the old site has built a specialized tool shop for the production of forging dies and other tooling.
By installing the new machines, production capacity of the company exceeds 20,000 tons forgings annually.
In 80 years the annual production volume exceeds 25,000 tons.
Approximately half of the production is supplied to "Balkancar", the largest manufacturer of fork lift trucks.
In the early 90s factory "Sickle and hammer" was privatized and now is "Preskov LTD".

When you see an old Bulgarian axe or adze marked with "Sickle and hammer" - just buy it- it is a symbol of cheep and quality tool!




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