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Mini carving bearded axe with sheath


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Mini carving bearded axe / hatchet with handle MINI BEARDED AXE / HATCHET VIKING SHAPE Compact and very reliable design. Made from me Ivan Tasev of high quality steel. AISI 4150 HRC 55 Quenched in oil. Tempered, aneeled. You will received it with oxidation and covered with natural bee wax. Ergonomic handle made from beech tree treated with wood varnish. Great compact size, perfect for carving, camping or backpacking. The shape of the blade makes it great for carvings. The perfect size for spoons or small bowls. Ax perfect for detailed work. Sharp blade! The blade is protected by leather sheath. The sheath is made of 3- 3.5 mm cow leather. Dimensions: HEAD: 3.5 in / 3.5 in Weight: 380 gr. or 0.83 lbs or 13.40 oz. Length - 11 in.