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Bearded hatchet / axe combined with curved adze blade by mapsyst

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Small bearded hatchet / axe combined with curved adze blade - bowl makers tool

Dear buyers,
you are buying this spoon or bowl makers axe /hatchet TOOL with 2 blades.

THERE IS NO SUCH TOOL HERE AT  or I can't find it... :)

It is designed according to the advice's of a skilled master bowl and spoon maker.
You can use it as a normal hatchet and the second adze blade is espatially designed for detailed bowl or spoon maker's job...
Suitable for splitting & chopping. Elegant design.
This hatchet also is a must when you are in the forest and looking to prepare camping fire.
Strange, Elegant & Collectible

Made from high quality steel:-AISI 4150 - HRC 55

It is holding the edge very well!!!

This axe is unique and also can be wonderful addition to your axe collection... 


Overall weight: 600gr. ~ 1.3 lbs

Blade: 3 in.